June 2018

How to Treat a Blister

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Who hasn’t had to deal with painful blisters after trying to break in a new pair of shoes? While shoe friction is one of the most common causes of blisters, you can also get them from burns and sunburns. If you want to know how to treat a blister, that all depends on what caused [...]

Does My Baby Have an Ear Infection?

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It’s 2 am and this is the third night in a row your baby has woken up and cried for hours. Is it colic? Is it teething? You recall that he’s had a runny nose over the past week: could it be an ear infection? It very well may be. After all, ear infections are [...]

May 2018

Preventing Eye Injuries: Sports Eye Safety Awareness

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With the warm summer weather setting in, your kiddos are probably headed back to the daily grind of soccer, lacrosse, football, and field hockey. In honor of  Sports Eye Safety Awareness, Hospitality Health ER in Tyler and Longview is encouraging parents and coaches to make sure their young athletes protect their eyes and properly gear up [...]

Raising a Well-Rounded Teenager Part 4: Behavioral Health

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What is normal teenager behavior? It’s hard to tell when you’re having to see past hormones and all the interesting things that happen during adolescence. Is something going on that you really need to be concerned about, or is it just normal challenges that most teens go through? During their teenage years, your children get [...]

Raising a Well-Rounded Teenager Part 3: Social/Emotional

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From finding independence to dating, the teen years will bring about a lot of exciting changes in your children. You’ll probably begin to notice that your teenager is less dependent on you and may want more time alone or with friends. As they begin to form their own identity, don’t be surprised that their interests [...]

Raising a Well-Rounded Teenager Part 2: Mental Health

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Did you know that one in every four to five youths in the general population can be classified with a mental disorder? Unfortunately, many of these children and adolescents are not receiving the appropriate intervention or support they need at an early age. Needless to say, mental health is now at the forefront of conversations [...]

Raising a Well-Rounded Teenager Part 1: Physical Care

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At Hospitality Health ER in Tyler, we come across parents that have the same struggles of raising a teenager as many of us do. You probably still remember what your teen years were like — bodily changes, dating, parties, and the pressures of fitting in and performing well in school. For some teens, this transition [...]

4 Low Impact Exercises that Can Do a Body Good

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Although there’s nothing like that spike of endorphins you get from good old-fashioned running, you might need a different exercise strategy if you’re dealing with pain, injury, or fatigue. The good news is that cross-training can be highly beneficial in maintaining your aerobic performance, overall fitness, and health. Whether you’ve injured a foot, knee, or hip, [...]

How to Treat a Pulled Muscle

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With a bigger focus on raising a healthier generation, our kids are more active than they’ve ever been. That’s a wonderful thing, but a lot can happen during PE, soccer, gymnastics, or Taekwondo. Overexertion, failure to stretch, or a misstep can strain a muscle and leave your child sore or in pain. But how do [...]

Beach Safety Tips for Memorial Weekend in Galveston: How to Stay Out of the ER

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Memorial Weekend in Galveston can be a real good time, especially when it comes to soaking up the sea and sun at one the local beaches. But with years of experience dealing with ER care, we know a lot can happen at the beach, especially when folks are blindsided by how powerful the water and [...]